Geobond Roof Repair - Gallon

Price: $107.92
Part No.: 70200
Manufacturer: Geocel


Fibered Brushable Sealant (clear) 1 Gallon

GeoBond® Roof Repair Fibered Brushable Coating is a single-component, brushable elastic sealant with rubber-like flexibility for small area use. It is an ideal solution to stop roof leaks fast, even in damp conditions.


Stops leaks fast

Fibered for strength

Will function in UV, heat, and intermittent foot traffic

Exhibits adhesion to many roofing materials, including damp, oily, or slightly dirty surfaces

Withstands water contact quickly after application to stop leaks

Cured sealant is mildew resistant


Applies in most temperature ranges, including damp and icy conditions