GOODALL 12v Lithium Cobalt 10,000 Amp Start All Jump Pack

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Part No.: JP-12-10000
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Delivering maximum START-ABILITY with more battery capacity and initial starting power! Built to last, the 10,000A, 1332005S joules, 12V Start•All® Jump•Pack™ starts the toughest Class 8 engines on demand. The Jump•Pack™ is equipped with proprietary technology, which provides an instantaneous energy transfer to the battery the moment the cables are properly connected, which maximizes jump-starter performance. The Jump•Pack™ provides reliable power to get you back on the road, quickly and safely.

Easily jump start a dead semi-truck, charge phones, digital cameras, tablets, laptops, and portable gaming devices with multiple power ports


Instantly starts Class 8/Class CE gasoline and diesel engines for trucks, semis, buses, construction and agriculture equipment

Power ports include:

(2) DC auxiliary power ports

(2) 2.1A USB ports

(1) 12V output port

Large metal clamp with 1/0 gauge jumper cables

Solid-state technology control provides longer durability and eliminates wear points

500 lumen LED flashlight with SOS and strobe emergency functions

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