Price: $324.00
Part No.: 550886A
Manufacturer: Valeo
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The SMART hatch is an emergency and ventilation roof hatch designed to meet all demands of the North American bus market segments. The SMART hatch is fully compatible with existing roof hatch openings so no adjustments are necessary in the bus roof when installing or replacing your existing roof hatch with the SMART hatch.  For roof openings 24" x 24"

Tight, safe and reliable - just SMART!

  • Complies with all applicable FMVSS & CMVSS Safety Standards.
  • Easy, one-movement emergency release and reattaching system
  • Leak free, double-seal design to prevent water intrusion
  • Easy mounting options:
    • Bonding
    • Screwing
    • Clips (when mounting from the interior of the bus)
  • Hatch emergency release indicator as standard
  • UV protected

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